The fragrance trend of car air freshener

Today we are going to talk about the fragrance trend of car air fresheners in the past 30 years.

In the beginning, the most popular fragrances were the fruity type or flower type. About 10 years ago, people tend to buy some perfume-type car air freshener. In recent years, perfume type is still growing, but another type appears, that is natural essential oil. I will introduce more detail in the following content.


Fruity type.

Fruity types are questionable very friendly and familiar to everyone, such as Lemon, Strawberry, and Cherry. You can understand the smell once you see the name. Most of the fruity type fragrance smells sweet, and the user feels happy with the scent. In the USA, cherry is the popular fruity type fragrance for car air fresheners. However, in Asia that is the Lemon. Squash is a very popular fragrance in Japan, it’s actually the smell of lemon soda. Therefore, the different area has a different preference, that we can find out from the current selling item.


Perfume type

Body perfume is more and more popular, it’s like one of the fashion accessories of people’s lives, especially on important occasions. Following the growth of body perfume, there were some brands applying perfume type in-car air freshener and receive very good feedback. In the East, breeze and musk are very classic. Musk is especially classic in the Japanese car air freshener market. Musk is still one the best selling until now.  In the west, new cars and black ice are popular. Maybe it’s hard for you to understand the smell when you see the name. So the customers tend to try the smell in stores before buying. It’s also a very important process for choosing a suitable car air freshener.


Premiere fragrance

In the past 10 years, there are more and more premiere fragrances in the market, especially Jomalone, from the Estee Lauder group. It has successfully raised the quality and price standard of body perfume. After Jomalone’s popularity, some of the companies started to use similar fragrances in the home and car air freshener. Fressia, wild bluebell, and Wood sage & sea salt are the fragrance often applied. The premiere fragrance makes your driving experience more fashionable. It also let the car air freshener market more wonderful.


Nature essential oils

Essential oil is one of the future trends. There are various types of essential oil. Woody types, Herbal types, or flower types. Some specific people prefer natural essential oil, they feel thoroughly relaxed from their head to heart with the accompany of essential oil. However, it’s still hard for natural essential oils to replace the current popular chemical fragrance. Since the cost of essential oil is extremely high, but the strength and long-lasting performance is not as good as chemical one. Nevertheless, we still can not ignore the growth of natural essential oil. 


Everyone has their preference for the fragrance. No matter the trend or not, what matters is to choose the fragrance you like, that will be the best one. However, the different markets also have different preferences, AirQ has more than 300 types of fragrances for the preference of different markets. All the fragrance has the standard-compliant of IFRA (International Fragrance Association). We definitely can meet your expectations because AirQ, knows what you need!

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