What are fragrance notes? Top notes, Hearts notes and Base notes.

What are fragrance notes?  Every time we buy a perfume or diffuser, we can see the product description with a fragrance pyramid, indicating Top notes, Hearts notes, and Base notes. This information provides us with an image of the odors. If you can try the fragrance, it is easier to connect the notes and understand the feeling. We will introduce the top notes, hearts notes, and base notes for you in the following content.


Top notes (Opening notes)

Top notes, also called headnotes or opening notes. It’s the smallest molecule, the lightest within all elements, usually evaporating fastest. They are the first impression but do not last long. It makes up 10~30% of the total fragrance.  Classic top notes are fruity or fresh herbs, and it feels a fresh or bright feeling, sometimes a little bit sweet or sour. Top notes often applied, such as Lemon, Citrus, bergamot, sage, and lavender. In my opinion, it’s like a person saying “Hello!” to you with a radiant smell for a visit. After this, we can start to have a further understanding of this person/ fragrance.


Heart note (Middle note)

Heart notes are also called middle notes. They are the main components of the fragrance, about 50~70% of the total fragrance. It’s the core and soul of the fragrance, normally fragrance named by the scent or feeling of heart notes. Heart notes can last longer than top notes; it appears after top notes fade out and before the base notes’ come up. It should be pleasant to connect with top notes, usually applied flora, such as jasmine, rose, or ylang-ylang. It also used Spice or wood, such as cinnamon, pepper, or pine. In my opinion, after the top notes, a friend says Hello to you, you have a good talk, a better understanding of this person.



Base notes

Base notes followed by the heart notes form the foundation of the fragrance. It makes up 10~30% of the total fragrance.  Compared with top notes and heart notes, base notes are rich, heavy, and long-lasting. It’s steady and warm for a good ending of the fragrance, usually applying woody type fragrances, such as vanilla, amber, musk, sandalwood, and cedarwood. In my opinion, you already have a better understanding of this person, and it’s time to say goodbye. He gives you a big and deep hug, and you can still feel the warmth and satisfaction of the embrace.

In brief, fragrance notes provide us with a basic concept for the smell, and it helps us find a suitable aroma when we choose perfume or fragrance products. Especially nowadays, we are used to searching for new things or buying online, fragrance notes are good information to let you know the fragrance.   Nevertheless, trying the scent is still very important to thoroughly understand the fragrance because it will accompany you for a period—no matter for a perfume, diffuser, or air freshener.

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