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The odor of a home also presents the owner’s taste and imagination. After a whole business day of working, we back home. Unquestionably home is a place for us to rest and reset. Some people like to have sweet scent air freshener at home; it feels happy. You can also have herbal or woody essential oil; it feels calm and relaxed, like in the spa store. However, you can also have some perfume type, to show your distinguish fashion taste. We are flexible to customize the home freshener based on your need, because AirQ, Knows what you need!


Let the fragrance enhance your living space with notes of elegance and chill. There are various types of home aroma for different use areas, such as room, wardrobe, or even toilet. Hence, we developed air spray, crystal reads, scented card, essential oil, diffuser, lamp oil, and Linen spray based on these needs. So, select a scent for your mood, and enjoy your day!


There are so many bad odors in our lives, such as trashcans, toilets, and shoeboxes? AirQ has applied the deodorant leading technology from Japan, which is the nature planet extraction. It is especially for the life bad odor from smoking, sweating, food, and Ammonia. The odor will immediately be surrounded, decomposed, or neutralized by SUPER PURIAIR to remove the smell. Compared with traditional methods, fragrance covers the bad odor; once the fragrance is finished, the bad odor appears again. AirQ deodorant is effective and impressive. Hence, we developed a series of related products for different use. Try it, and you will be impressed with the effect!!!


We have a series of antibacterial products, apply New Type Cl02 with patented techniques. Unlike traditional ones, our disinfectant is non-irritating, non-toxic but still has luminous efficacy in killing the bacterium. Take the spray with you anywhere. Build a safe environment for you and your family. The spray type can instantly eliminate 99.9% of airborne germs. Besides, the space one provides you more prolonged and moderate protection for 30-60 days with moderate protection.
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