Cosy Mood

Would be loved, love yourself. Start with the scent. “COSY MOOD” gathers different scented styles with soft, sweet, elegant, and gentle. Choose your own scent here and bring in a fresh mood.

Cosy Fresh

COSY FRESH is Green Deodorant “COSY FRESH” is using special ingredient from extracting more than100 sorts of plants. Various of bad odor will be wrapped directly and dissolved instantly. No harm, No irritation to human body and pet. Get rid of the bad odor and give back the fresh air. Bring the pleasant mood and superior environment.


Safe x Superior x Secure
Now COVID-1 9 pandemic is ongoing and getting serious, under this
condition, personal hygiene consciousness is rising fast.
How can we keep ourselves safe from the viruses?
We can start by “Safely Sterilizing”
Scube series is applying New Type ClO2 with patented techniques,
unlike traditional ones, S cube is non-irritating, non-toxic, but still
remains the brilliant efficacy on killing the bacterium.
Let’ s find out more about S | cube!!

Pure Aria

Purity awake, Air alive,
Pure Aria is the first portable air purifier that perfectly combines 4 functions: Sterilize/ Filter/Deodorize /Anti-mold. 5 Protection applying both three-layer HEAP filters to block the dusk and dual-wavelength UV to kills the bacterias and deodorant. it can also add our specially blended 100% Natural Oil, relax and reset.

Flamingo Auto Series

” Keep it Simple but not Simplistic,”

Flamingo Auto Series is a car interior accessories series, we care about practical and functional application. Moreover, all the design is smart and neat to decorate your car perfectly.


Nero series is a classic collection with elegant perfume-type fragrance. The design is black color with some dressing color, not only shows the low-key style but also stylish.

Coffee Gusto

Who is not addicted to the irresistible smell of freshly roasted coffee? Coffee Gusto provides 5 types of coffee air freshener, dark roast, cappuccino, caramel, hazelnut coffee, and vanilla coffee. Feel like stay in the coffee shop!


Re’mood is a Sense of beauty in the air. Release, Relax, Refresh with our selected premiere fragrance and elegant design, you can infuse rich inspiration into your life with Re’mood !


Urban-loft is our classic car air freshener series with the basic type of can, paper, hanging bottle. We also choose the most popular scent for this series with an elegant style.

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