Air Purifier


AirQ is experienced for developing car air purifier with wide range of technology, such as ionizer, ozone, UV-light and HEPA filter.

No matter you want the function of sterilization, deodorant or removing PM 2.5, our product can definitely meet your need.

Car Perfume

Different luxurious Car perfume for you to freshen up your car.
Try some Perfume-like fragrances to refresh your car! Or maybe sweet cherry and bubblegum scent? What about fantastic coffee-based fragrance that would definitly warm you up?

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Car Accessories

We got interior car accessories, includes air purifier, socket, chargers port, cup holders, mobile holders and more.

Having your own idea about decorating and suiting up your car? Nice! Conact us to discuss OEM, ODM and OBM!



Various of bad odor will be wrapped directly and dissolved soon. No harm, no irritation to human body and pet. Take away the bad odor and give back the fresh air. Bring the pleasant mood and superior environment.

Home Aroma

We spent lots of time at home. Let’s decorate it with pleasant fragrance, make your life more completed! “COSY MOOD” applys popular perfume fragrance, gathering different scented styles with soft, sweet, ease, elegant and gentle. Interested in Scent diffuser, Aroma Lamp Oil, Linen Spray or Scented bags? check “RE’MOOD” for more!



“S | CUBE” was born right after the pandemic COVID-19. Applying new type ClO2 with patented techniques, it is non-toxic, non-irritating and kills 99.99% of bacteria.