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The Secrets of Long Lasting Air Freshener.

Updated: Aug 6

The best-selling air freshener on the markets usually has strong fragrance that lasts longer than others. Long-lasting air freshener will make it much easier to deodorize, refresh, and scent your home and car.

If you’re having trouble choosing long-lasting home aroma or car air freshener, here’s what you should consider: Volume, Formulation and Structure.


Normally, a good air freshener should last 4~8 weeks.

For vent type or hanging type, there are some restrictions, such as small volume, space, etc., so it will last around 3~4 weeks only.

For dashboard type or cup holder type with gel or liquid, they’re usually along with bigger volume, therefore, it will last up to 8 weeks.


Is Bigger volume = Long-lasting? Not Always.

Formulation is the most crucial element, which includes the dosage of fragrance and the type of solvent. In order to reduce cost, some manufacturers apply poor quality or very low percentage of essence, we won’t say it’s incorrect, but

indeed it will affect the strength of fragrance and its persistency.


A good structure is also quite important for the performance of scent diffusion,

Improper structure might block the air circulation or over-release the fragrance.

Unless you’re using the water diffuser machine with essential oils, it probably won’t have this problem.

For example,

A. 200g, 10% fragrance + moderate solvent=> strong scent, 2 month long-lasting.

B. 200g, 5% fragrance + fast solvent =>strong scent, 1 month long-lasting.

C. 200g, 5g fragrance +moderate solvent => weak scent, 2 month long-lasting.

Option A has good performance of strength and long-lasting.

Option B, bad for its persistency.

Option C, bad for its strength of scents.

In conclusion, to ensure the good performance of the fragrance, a good air freshener should reach the balance of volume, formulation and structure.

We believe customers will feel the difference between good and bad quality. If the product didn’t reach their expectation of fragrance strength and long-lasting, they won’t buy it again. That’s why AirQ has been dedicating on making good air freshener for our customers.

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