Electronic type car air freshener including smart start up device, it can release the fragrance when you in the car, stop when you left the car. There are battery & plug in type.


AirQ has various dashboard type car air fresheners, it’s more like a decoration in your car, not only releases the comfortable fragrance, but also shows your character.


Vent type car air freshener, it’s super convenient. Small and effective, the air conditions push the fragrance to release and circulate in your car.


Hanging type air freshener is also easy to install, when you driving the car, light shaking makes the fragrance more outstanding. But remember, it cannot be too big to cover your driving sight!


Other type car air freshener includes under-seat or spray. Some people want to use car air freshener, but want to keep the inner clean without any thing. Under seat type will be the best choice!!! Hide it, but you can still smell it ;-)