Fragrance Research

Formula Development

Since the company was established, we have already developed over 300 products. Rely on our past experience and the spirit of non-stop developing and innovating, the professional techniques we have - can analyze products’ outer design, combine our clients’ expected flavor with long-lasting fragrance, and develop unique formulas to make consumers directly feel our great care and good quality on all products


Perfume Source

In order to protect your business reputation and consumers’ health, we strictly check on every sort of perfume. We supervise all the fragrance sources which must meet the law requirement, and randomly send fragrance ingredients to the third party laboratory to do the inspection, ensure the safety of our fragrance.


Diverse Intermediary

We own the newest intermediary technique with professional fragrance-testing staffs, according to different product structures, offer proper intermediary and fragrance, to reach the best spreading effect.


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