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 Polymer freshener has been getting popular in the past ten years and has been vastly applied in home and car air freshener, especially in Europe. We will introduce the following content: feature, market application, formulation, and production.


Polymer freshener’s appearance is flexible to design, and the cost is relatively low. Moreover, it can deeply absorb the fragrance and gradually release it. Hence, the long-lasting performance is brilliant. Besides, some customers have bad experiences with the leaking problem of liquid type and gel types. For polymer fresheners, it can adequately prevent the leaking issue. Due to the above reason, polymer freshener is more and more popular in these years.

<Market application>

Polymer freshener is widespread, especially in Europe. As a result, there are many classic products in the market.


Zara home – car air freshener

zara home car air freshenerzara home car polymer freshener  

Zara home- Scented card

zara home scented cardzara home scented card 3 pcs in a bagzara home scented card package

BMW car air freshener


BMW polymer freshenerBMW polymer freshener refill

Jelly Belly car air freshener

Jelly Belly very cherryJelly Belly very cherry in car

Yankee Candle vent and hanging

Yankee candle hanging Yankee candle hanging product yankee candle pin

AirQ’s product

NO.287II 5 min310 3NO.291 4 min


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<Special formulation>

AirQ has our plastic injection factory. Therefore, we spent lots of time and effort researching polymer fresheners and had a significant breakthrough in 2022. We took the reference of hundreds of journals about the performance of different plastic with fragrance. After 42 formulation testing and 18 months, we “effectively increase the fragrance absorption to 26%, and extend the long-lasting to 6~10 weeks”(depending on the size of the product). We blend three types of plastic, including two types TPE(thermoplastic elastomer﹐elastoplastics) and PE. 2 types of TPE are to increase the fragrance absorption and extend the long-lasting. PE is to increase the connection and flexibility of those two TPE. Let the polymer be resistant to high temperatures and prevent melt inside the car in summer. Except for a perfect formulation, we still need to notice the fragrance selection. We suggest selecting oil type and high-temperature resistance fragrance. The oil-type fragrance is easier to absorb by polymer, and the high-temperature resistance fragrance prevents excessive loss during the plastic injection. Remember, not all kinds of fragrances are suitable for polymer fresheners.

<Production procedure>

Last and not least, the production part, here we have four steps.

1. granulation -To properly mix three types of different plastic, we need to make granulation, preventing uneven mixing.

2. Fragrance absorption, mixing the blended polymer with fragrance. We use the sealed mixing drum to blend under high temperatures and thoroughly absorb the fragrance. 

3. plastic injection, Injecting the blended fragrance polymer. It’s crucial to seal the semi-product into the bag ASAP, preventing fragrance loss.

4. assembling and production, in this process, we also need to control the product efficacy, reduce the time of exposure of semi-product, prevent the loss of fragrance.

AirQ strictly controls all the above processes. As a result, all of our clients can be relieved.  


I think you must better understand polymer freshener after reading this article. It is a very potential type freshener, and also need more company to promote this to the market. It’s not only suitable for the car but also for home. Besides, if you have other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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