Diversity Choice​

Diversity Product

We have multiple products; Air Freshener & Car Accessory Especially in air-freshener, include vent type, dashboard type, hanging type...etc.. We have different styles of products, which can meet the needs of local markets. Furthermore, we also have many different car accessories, including air-purifier, car socket, phone holder, etc..

Diversity Style

In our experience, customers who will purchase air-freshener also search for self-identity. In order to satisfy different countries and different target consumers, we have full product series; man style, woman style, simple style, luxury style, and even lovely style, offering multiple choices to consumers.​

Diversity Fragrance​

Except product appearance and price, fragrance is also an very important factor which decides whether customers will repeatedly purchase the product or not. Different regions with different fragrance and its different strength. We can assist you to find ideal fragrances to meet your markets' demand.​

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