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Who We Are

AirQ was founded as a small car air freshener family factory in 1990 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. During these 3 decades, we’ve transformed into a professional Air Freshener enterprise for car & home.

The only thing that hasn’t been changed is the insistence toward perfection and quality.

We keep improving our products and bringing different ideas into our products.
Now we’ve expanded our product category in Air Purifier, Home Aroma, Sterilization, Deodorant product and Natural Oil. 

AirQ officially becomes a real profession to the air.


AirQ was founded in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.


Product “No.36 HELICOPTER” was created. It is the first auto spins car air freshener, and populraly sold to different countries within short time.


AirQ developed first car accessories product- air purifier: Q33 negative iron, for the cooperation with YAC


Name was changed to AirQ based on company expansion plan. Capacity has been raised 50% by the investment of series machine.


“Cosy Fresh”, our first series for Home Category with deodorant function, featuring natural, effective and safe, Cosy Fresh has already been introduced in many countries successfully so far.


S CUBE was born right after the pandemic COVID-19, our R&D team spent much effort on searching suitable ingredient and having related safety tests.


Product "No.8 FLAMINGO" was created and successfully sold. Hence, we have a series brand named Flamingo.


The first cooperation with Japan YAC for a series of air fresheners.


AirQ creates a series of superior phone related car accessories, such as phone USB chargers, since the prevalence of smart phone.


“Flamingo Auto” series launched forfor common car accessories such as trash can, hook, cup holder, ash tray. Now we offer more choices to our customers.


“Pure Aria”, our first portable filter air purifier with unique dual-UV light. We also gave the first try to join ZecZec Crownfunding, ended with success and made a splash in the domestic market.


R&D Dep.

AirQ has excellent R&D department, no matter for OEM or ODM, we are flexibly developing new products. For the Product, Package, Fragrance, Electronic design, even the marketing support of online and offline.



We have completed processes and facilities to ensure the air freshener’ fragrance strength, long-lasting and stability.

Making sure our product can have good performance in every country !!!


Sales dep.

We know the market; we know what does our customers need and we can provide.

Every year, we have regular market survey for the global trend of car air freshener design and fragrance.

Besides, our sales team is full of passion for our customers!!!



We have series of machine, it can not only increase the effectivity, but also the consistence of quality.

Quality control

AirQ has the ISO9001:2015, also adopt “MIL-STD-105E” for the quality control system of IQC, PQC and OQC.

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